• Nepal Geological Map

    Geologically, Nepal is broadly divided into five major tectonic zones. These zones include Terai, Siwalik, Lesser Himalaya, Higher Himalaya and Trans-Himalayan zones from south to north respectively. read more

  • Exploration Acreage

    The location, number, name and area of all the exploration acreages. Blocks no. 3 and 5 are awarded to Texana Resources Company, Houston, USA. read more

  • Various play (Trap) Types of Nepal

    The principal play recognized in southern Nepal lies in the Surkhet Group with indigenous source, reservoir, and seal, and with a wide variety of potential trap types. read more

  • Key Country Facts

    Land locked Asian nation in the Himalaya mountain range, with India to the east, west and south and the People's Republic of China (Tibet) to the north. read more

  • Geological Setting

    Schematic cross Section through central Nepal read more

Project Identity

Brief Information

Exploration Acreage: Total 10 exploration blocks, each approximately 5000 sq. km in size
Basin Type : Northern part of Ganga basin
Sub basins : Northern parts of Sarda, Gandak, and Purnea sub basins
Basin Area : Approximately 50,000 sq. km. (southern Nepal only)
Data available  
  Airborne Magnetic Survey      48,000 sq. km.
Photogeological Study            60,000 sq. km.
Seismic survey                        5,253 line km.
Gravity Survey :                      23,500 sq. km
Well data :                               3520 m , Block-10 (Biratnagar)
Data Center:  Kathmandu Data Center
Data Package: A to U
Procedure:  Companies should purchase the General Report (Data package A), valued at US $ 5,000. Purchase of General Report is a pre-requisite for companies wishing to visit the Kathmandu Data Center, to purchase other data, or to submit a formal bid for exploratory lands.
Payment:  US Dollar
Contract:  Production Sharing Contract
Bid Announcement: Contact Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project
Contact Person: Project Chief
Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project
Department of Mines & Geology
Lainchour, Kathmandu, NEPAL
Fax : 977-1-4411783
E-mail : pepp@wlink.com.np
Tel. : 977-1-4410605, 4413541, 4419074


Nepal is a sovereign Himalayan country located between China and India occupying an area of 147,181 Sq. km. It is a Land Locked country inhabited by a population of 26,494,504 according to 2011 census. Kathmandu is the national capital and largest metropolis.

Systematic Petroleum exploration activities began only in 1979. The Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) has conducted Airborne Magnetic Survey in 1978-79 over the Terai and Siwalik belts of the country covering an area of 48,000 sq. km. with the help of IDA/World Bank (Figure 4). The survey has shown encouraging results. Government of Nepal has then established a separate unit "Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project" in 1982 to promote and monitor the exploration works in the country.

The international private investor will search free market economy supported by the legislation enacted for the new Industrial and Foreign Investment Policy, which also guarantees that no industry shall be nationalized. Furthermore it has promoted the concept of "one window shopping" which is now in place within the PEPP/DMG to deal with all matters relating to petroleum exploration and production activities in Nepal.

Responsibilities for Petroleum Agreement

Petroleum related activities fall under the administration of the Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project/Department of Mines and Geology (PEPP/DMG). The Project Chief of the PEPP is the primary contact for all petroleum matters. Under delegation from the Ministry of Industry, the PEPP/DMG, together with an appointed team of experts, the responsible authority will be empowered to undertake necessary arrangements for negotiation with petroleum companies regarding petroleum agreements. In addition the Project will monitor ongoing exploration and production activities and provide assistance in all operational matters. A Petroleum Advisory Board, composed of senior officials of most ministries has given broad powers and responsibilities for all petroleum related activities.


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01 2016 Aug

Nepal Government has terminated the existing petroleum agreement

Nepal Government has terminated the existing petroleum agreement with oil companies in Nepal. The Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project…

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